Epson introduces e-paper platforms for industrial applications

Seiko Epson has begun shipping industrial electronic paper display platforms. These platforms consist of electronic paper display microcontrollers with integrated firmware that controls the basic device functions. Designers can combine these platforms with an electronic paper display to easily develop their own industrial e- paper products, even if they lack advanced information about the unique driving schemes used for e-paper.

Epson’s e-paper platform series now consists of the S1C17F57, a microcontroller for small segmented displays, and the new S1D13T03, a timing microcontroller for small, active-matrix e-paper displays. Samples of the S1D13T03 will begin shipping in late January 2012. Epson plans to continue expanding the lineup and, in March, will begin shipping samples of a new microcontroller for medium-sized active-matrix e-paper displays.

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