High performance power MOSFETs available on short leadtimes

Advanced Power Electronics has announced that its new, competitively-priced AP98T07GP-HF-3 range of power MOSFETs is available on short leadtimes of just eight weeks compared to an industry norm of 12 to 14 weeks.

Available in the popular industry standard TO-220 package as a pin-to-pin, drop-in replacement and upgrade, the new parts have a low Rds(on) of 4.5 mΩ maximum, delivering high efficiency for DC-DC conversion and motor drives. These fast switching, RoHS-compliant parts are also simple to drive.

Key markets for the new AP98T07GP-HF-3 power MOSFETs include point-of-load DC-DC conversion, synchronous rectifiers, electric vehicles and battery-powered tooling.

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