Power Integrations Doubles Power Output Capability of LinkZero-AX Zero-Standby Switcher IC Family

Power Integrations introduced two new members of its LinkZero-AX product family (LNK585 and LNK586), along with a PI University introductory video course that explains how designers can achieve 0.00 W of standby energy consumption. Launched in October 2010, the LinkZero-AX integrated offline switching IC family now offers increased main power output up to 6.5 W — double the maximum output of earlier members of the product family.

The expanded power range enables designers to utilize LinkZero-AX in a wider array of applications, including those with multiple auxiliary power functions, as is often the case in appliances, TVs, and remotely controlled electronic lighting ballasts.

Picture: Power Instruments

LinkZero-AX eliminates wasted energy by employing an innovative power-down mode that effectively turns off the auxiliary power supply when the application is idle, shutting down switch-mode operation and internal switch control circuits. LinkZero-AX can be re-awakened from power-down mode with a reset pulse or button press. Also, the bypass pin can provide up to 500 μA for use by any system-control or sensing circuit.

Key features of the LinkZero-AX family, including the special power-down mode, are described in the free-to-download PI University video course. The video also discusses how to handle transient load conditions and wake-up requirements, and how to deliver power to auxiliary outputs (such as IR receivers) during power-down mode.

Auxiliary power supplies continuously draw power as long as the product is plugged in, typically resulting in significant standby energy waste. LinkZero-AX ICs can reduce this usage to a minuscule 3 mW — low enough to be considered “zero” under IEC standards. (IEC 62301 Clause 4.5 classifies power usage of than 5 mW as zero.) Five years of continuous standby operation at 3 mW would consume less than 2 cents worth of energy.

Delivering the industry’s lowest component count for standby power supplies, LinkZero-AX is a simple design upgrade and allows designers to easily exceed all global energy-efficiency regulations, including the European EcoDesign Directive and ENERGY STAR. LinkZero-AX ICs are available now in SO-8C or SMD-8C packages.

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