Toumaz provides wireless for biometric monitoring of troops

Toumaz’s Telran products are set to be integrated with Milgenco’s state of the art telemetry and DC power generation systems for defence customers in the UK, North America and Asia.Milgenco, a UK-based defence company, has integrated the Toumaz Telran ultra low power radio chip into its TARC 9000 telemetry devices, providing a wireless solution for monitoring the heart-rate, body temperature and other biometric aspects of troops in and around military vehicles.
“We chose the Toumaz Telran TZ1053 because it offers an ultra-low power solution with extremely long battery life and a range of up to 100m from the vehicle,” said Simon Albury, Managing Director of Milgenco. “Adding the TZ1053 into the TARC 9000 allows us to offer customers a complete integrated solution that remotely monitors vehicle position, engine and vehicle health and now, most importantly, crew condition and well-being. The availability of the TDK significantly shortened our development cycle and cost.”
Professor Chris Toumazou, Co-Founder and CEO of Toumaz, added, “The TZ1053 uses our patented advanced mixed signal (AMx) system on chip signal processing technology, this allows the development of ultra-low energy radio systems in a single chip. In typical biometric monitoring usage, the wristband monitor developed by Milgenco will last up to 18 months using a small button battery. We are pleased that Milgenco has selected TELRAN as the lowest energy choice radio.”
Additionally, Milgenco and Toumaz are exploring the use of the same combined telemetry and bio-monitoring technology in first responder markets, such as fire, police and ambulance services. This will allow central control rooms and dispatch centres to immediately see if a first responder has been injured and alert other responders in the vicinity to assist.

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