8-bit Embedded Flash MCUs promise energy savings

Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe has made available a new series of its F2MC-8FX family of high-performance 8-bit microcontrollers with embedded flash memory.

Picture: Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe

The new 32-pin MB95F430 series includes several products with four channels of built-in analogue voltage comparators as well as an operational amplifier. Fujitsu says the new parts are designed to meet the rapidly growing demand for 8-bit microcontrollers for system control of small home appliances, lighting and industrial equipment, such as LED ballasts, induction heating, DC-DC converters, power tools and battery chargers.

The new MB95F430 series is also suitable for use as a sub-controller due to its peripherals, including several 8- and 16-bit timers, 17 channels of 10-bit ADC, PWM, I2C and USART serial communication modules. The on-chip high precision RC oscillator and a low-voltage detection circuit help to reduce BOM cost, while the Dual Operation Flash memory with up to 100,000 erase cycles and 20-year data retention negate the need for external E2PROM.

The MB95F430 series also features an on-chip debug module with single-wire interface to speed up software development using the Softune Integrated Development Environment – Fujitsu’s tool chain for F2MC-8FX family MCUs.

The new product series currently comprises six devices and is available in mass production. It comes in 32-pin LQFP packages, with memory ranging from 8KB flash / 240B RAM to 20KB flash / 496B RAM.

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