Arduino shield makes low power radio modules even easier

Rick Winscott of US company Quilix has married together two ‘easy’ technologies by  developing an Arduino shield for the LPRS easyRadio Advanced low power radio modules.

Winscott comments: “All you need is power, ground, and two serial-capable pins and you have reliable bi-directional communication between microcontrollers, desktops, laptops, or whatever. No frustrations over pairing, and no twiddles with configuration. I haven’t seen anything like this product in the States.”

In combination with the Arduino platform remote sense and control applications can now be developed and tested with great ease and speed.

David Schmider, Technical Director at LPRS comments: “This really highlights the point of easyRadio, a simple to use RF link that removes the headache of writing configuration software.”

This powerful duo will be demonstrated alongside the new easyRadio Connect2 development platform at the Fortronics RF & Wireless Forum taking place on 26th June 2012 at the Williams F1 Conference Centre outside Oxford, UK.

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