Rugged, panel-mount trackballs are plug-and-play

ITAC Systems has announced a range of 38mm and 50mm rugged, panel-mount trackballs. The products, which are designed for installation into OEM enclosures, are plug-and-play, requiring no software or drivers. They can be used with all common communications protocols including phase quadrature, USB, PS/2, Microsoft serial, Mouse Systems and Sun, reducing inventory.

The top plate of each trackball can be shimmed to customise the ‘feel’ of the ball for each application. The trackballs come in IP65 sealed and unsealed versions.  They have five-button and wheel inputs (supported in USB and PS/2 protocols), and feature optional backlighting and piezoelectric sounders for user feedback. The devices are available in a variety of colours and with a choice of industry-standard connectors.

The Pretorian trackballs, which have been developed for reliable operation in demanding environments, guide fluids and other contaminants away from the printed circuit boards, the latter having filled vias for additional corrosion protection.

Black, anodised aluminium or steel bezels are offered as options to provide additional protection where potential misuse may be encountered, such as in public kiosk applications. Typical applications include manufacturing plant, marine electronic systems, medical electronics, public access kiosks, food processing, automotive, air traffic control systems, and geo-spatial systems.

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