Microfabrication technology yields high voltage isolated SiC gate drivers

Rohm has unveiled its new BM6 family of 2500 Vrms isolated SiC gate drivers facilitating low-power consumption and small designs. These devices are suitable for the control of inverters and DC/DC converters for solar and automotive applications.  Due to their electrical characteristics and high output voltage, they can drive both IGBTs and SiC MOSFETs. Together with Rohm’s SiC devices the new series guarantees stable, high speed operation even in high power regions.

In order to develop on-chip transformer processes, Rohm used its proprietary microfabrication expertise. The unique design reduces the size to a compact SSOP-B20W package while eliminating the need for external parts, cutting the mounting area by approximately 50% compared to conventional products. Moreover, the original core-less transformer technology integrates an isolation function ensuring an isolation voltage of 2500 Vrms.

In addition, multiple protection functions such as thermal shut-down and short circuit protection supporting desat function , fault and load control are included for high reliability, decreasing design effort while further contributing to miniaturisation. A soft turn-off function deactivates the inverter in case of desaturation.

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