HiWave’s 9mm exciters adopted in touch screen Recipe Reader

Key Ingredient has adopted HiWave’s 9mm exciters, part number HiHX09C005-8, for its touch screen Recipe Reader.

Key Ingredient, which runs the social recipe sharing website www.keyingredient.com, created the Digital Recipe Reader as a more kitchen friendly and hygienic tablet that gives better access to online recipes whilst cooking. The self-standing device uses the HiWave exciter to deliver audio playback directly from the colour touch screen.

The HiHX9C005-8 is a miniature 9mm exciter that delivers significant resonant output at specific haptic frequencies in addition to a frequency response over the audio bandwidth. The device attaches to the reverse side of a rigid panel or touch screen and generates bending waves to produce both sound and tactile (haptic) feedback. Its haptic frequency range is 150 to 300Hz, while its audio frequency range is 300Hz to 15kHz.

James Lewis, HiWave CEO said: “The Recipe Reader has been designed to meet the uncompromising demands of the kitchen, where high temperatures, liquid spills and steam are the norm. In this environment normal miniature speakers, which need holes in the enclosure, will just not cut it. Full screen speaker technology with HiWave exciters gives the user clear loud audio, and a wipe-clean product.”

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