Transonics launches I²C Chip on Board LCD

Transonics has announced the availability of the Displaytronic I²C interface Chip-on-Board LCD module for information display on board-to-board systems. By integrating a special IC in the LCD display module, any system using the I²C control bus can communicate with the liquid crystal display module directly.

Designing-in the Displaytronic ACM2002EI-FL-YBW I²C display simplifies hardware design, component count and time to market of end products, according to Transonics. Connection via just four wires (VDD, VSS, SDA, SCL) is all that is required to control the display.

Standard features of the Displaytronic ACM2002EI-FL-YBW includes bus clock speed up to 400 KBit/s, assignable slave address to avoid slave address conflict, instruction table compatible with LCD controller ensures no extra commands are required.

Samples of ACM2002EI-FL-YBW with I²C interface are now available for testing. The new LCD display is based on the successful ACM2002E-FL-YBW and has the same optical characteristics and mechanical dimensions.

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