New tool smooths multicore software optimisation

Vector Fabrics, the company that specialises in programming tools to optimise software for multicore architectures, has launched its new development tool, Pareon. Pareon allows software developers to optimise their applications for multicore systems in hours or days, a task that typically takes weeks or months to complete. The tool’s analysis engine prevents hard-to-find and hard-to-reproduce threading bugs, while its hardware modelling engine prevents the developer from writing code that introduces performance bottlenecks or even causes slowdowns.

Mike Beunder, CEO of Vector Fabrics, says, “All recent mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops have multicore architectures inside. However, optimizing apps for multicore architectures is hard, error prone, and takes lots of time. As a result, a lot of software isn’t optimized yet and dual-core or quad-core devices provide minimal speed-ups. Pareon assists developers in truly optimizing their software for multicore, allowing them to close this gap and removing the barrier to increase the performance of their applications. We see typical speed-ups of 1.7x on dual-core and 3.5x on quad-core processors.”

Pareon combines the features of Vector Fabrics’ previous vfEmbedded and vfThreaded-X86 parallelisation tools into one product. In addition, Pareon incorporates over 50 new features, including bus and shared cache contention modelling, support for C/C++, ARM Neon, and recognizing many more parallel code patterns. Whereas Vector Fabrics’ previous tools were cloud-based and ran in the user’s web browser, Pareon runs locally on a workstation, integrating more closely with typical development workflows that include complex build mechanisms, and targets large applications that rely heavily on calling routines inside binary libraries.

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