StarChip chooses Keolabs to develop tools for smart card controllers

StarChip has partnered with Keolabs to develop Starbox, its new generation of Smart Card development tools. The new generation of Starbox is tailored to the requirements of the Smart Card developer community and prepares the way for introduction of future StarChip Smart Card controllers with advanced security and contactless technologies.

Starbox is a development platform for StarChip Smart Card controllers allowing developers to easily harness the leading performance, low power and future contactless capabilities of StarChip Smart Card products based on the Cortus APS3 core. It includes all the tools necessary to develop high-quality software solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. Starbox features advanced emulation features, integrated development environment and the latest version of the industry standard GNU tool chain with optimised C libraries providing professional quality tools at low cost.

Based on Keolabs Raisonance brand hardware and software technologies, Starbox benefits from synergies resulting from the close collaboration of platform and user interface designers. This allows StarChip to offer a development and validation solution that is tailored to the requirements of embedded system developers.

Hardware features are implemented on the latest generation Raisonance XSmart prototyping platform, which facilitates SoC design and shortens time to market for complex emulation systems. Project management, coding, compiling and debugging controls are seamlessly integrated into the Raisonance IDE, Ride7. This same IDE is used extensively by developers on leading industry standard microcontroller cores.

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