Challenges set to spark enthusiasm for electronics in school children

A series of regional challenges has been created for school children aged 12-14 throughout the UK to help counter the decline in UK students taking up electronic engineering at degree level. The aim of these challenges is to stimulate interest in and raise awareness of electronic engineering as an exciting subject and rewarding career path. The UK Electronic Skills Foundation and leading education charity Engineering Development Trust (EDT) have co-developed this new project as part of the proven Go4SET initiative.

Entitled “Our Electronics Environment”, the 10-week Go4SET project will demonstrate the relevance of pursuing science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects to careers in electronics. Each participating team of six students and a teacher will be sponsored by a company and united with an industry mentor to empower the students to broaden their skills, develop analytical thinking and make informed decisions about the range of careers open to them in this dynamic industry.

The inaugural UKESF Go4SET project will begin in Autumn 2012 and be open to schools throughout the UK’s South West region. The region is a hub of electronic excellence and hosts headquarters and design centres for several of the world’s leading electronic companies.

To initiate their thinking, teams will be invited to learn about electronics from 50 years ago. They will be required to investigate the role electronics plays in their everyday school life and to think up smart electronic solutions to problems identified by the school itself. Finally they will be asked to predict what might be possible 5 years into the future.

The South West regional final will take place in Bristol, UK during Spring 2013. The UKESF Go4SET project is then planned to be rolled out nationally.

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