Collaboration enables first automotive grade Android car stereo

Design house Plextek has collaborated with Clarion Malaysia (the Asian Development Arm of Clarion Co. Ltd), the In Car Entertainment (ICE) specialists, on the development of its new integrated audio-visual navigation system, Clarion Mirage. Clarion Mirage is the industry’s first Android-based ICE system designed to full automotive grade quality standards.

The Mirage Android head unit is an integrated audio-visual navigation unit which hosts the Android touch-screen user interface on a 6.5inch screen. The system connects to either Android or iPod devices via Bluetooth streaming or a USB connection. It offers playback of audio-visual content, audio & video files and digital still images, direct from a SD/SHDC card or a USB device.

Plextek worked alongside Clarion Malaysia on the system architecture of the Mirage unit, helping to optimise the price performance ratio of the product. It also designed several key components of the head unit, which included the ARM-based processor PCB that forms the core of the device, the audio DSP module that powers the VAPS 3D sound system and the Bluetooth implementation.

The Mirage platform currently includes a multitude of apps. Due to the high volume of apps available from Clarion’s ‘Play Store’, the opportunities provided by the Mirage system are high, further accelerated by Clarion’s plans to market the product in Asia, Russia and South Africa.

Plextek’s Technical Director Ian Murphy commented: “Over the years Plextek has developed a wide range of successful automotive products. This expertise has enabled us to develop reliable processes for developing products that meet the highest automotive quality standards. It has been a pleasure to be involved in the product innovation underpinning the Clarion Mirage and creating technological advances that present exciting opportunities to enhance consumer’s ICE experience.”

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