Nordic to join Norwegian startup event and run Bluetooth workshop

Nordic Semiconductor is sponsoring and participating in a first ‘Startup Weekend’ event to be held on June 15-17 in Trondheim, Norway. At the event, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs will get an opportunity to fast-track their startup ideas into viable commercial products via a filtering process involving qualified potential business and technology partners.

Nordic is also be running a Pre-event Workshop and app contest starting two weeks before the event, from June 6. At this workshop, interested app developers will be given an introduction to Bluetooth low energy and provided with Nordic nRF8002 development kits to build apps based on Nordic’s nRF8002 µBlue single chip solution. The nRF8002 is easy to design-in and requires no specialist RF technical knowledge or programming to develop Bluetooth low energy and Bluetooth Smart tag-based apps and devices.

Participants can then pitch their designs at the Startup Weekend that begins June 15 and in addition the team that develops the best concept and demo app that uses the nRF8002 will be awarded a cash prize of NOK 5000 (about US$ 835) by Nordic Semiconductor as part of its app contest.

Startup Weekend events take business ideas and turn them into viable – and in some cases operating – startup businesses within a weekend via an intensive (but fun) judging panel-based selection and validation process that puts startup entrepreneurs in direct contact with qualified business people (such as startup investors and marketers) and technology people (e.g. app developers, designers, product managers) they may usually never have the opportunity to find or meet. To date almost 600 Startup Weekend events have been successfully held in over 300 cities across 93 countries and are said to have kick-started 56,000 entrepreneurial business plans and many startup businesses (About Startup Weekend).

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