Murata to showcase Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi modules at Fortronic RF & Wireless Design Forum

Murata will be presenting its Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi wireless modules at the forthcoming Fortronic RF and Wireless Design Forum held near Oxford, UK. Fortronic’s one-day RF & Wireless Design Forum is being held on 26th June at the Williams F1 Conference Centre.

Murata’s demonstration will comprise a Bluetooth Low Energy-based sensor sending data to a smart phone while another display will showcase Murata’s recently announced VK module sending sensing data to a laptop device. The VK module is a self-contained 802.11 Wi-Fi module designed to enable connectivity features on low-cost, microcontroller-based devices. This module is part of a broad-market initiative that provides the latest wireless technology to the mass market, and enables new applications in smart energy, fitness, home, industrial automation, and M2M products.

Design engineers will have the opportunity to see first-hand how to quickly create energy efficient wireless connectivity to a broad range of consumer and healthcare applications. Visitors will also be able to meet with senior technical staff from Murata to discuss their specific design needs.

Attendance is free but registration in advance is required to secure your place. Further information and registration details can be found here:

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