Movea celebrates 5th Anniversary and 400th patent

Movea is celebrating its 5th Birthday by filing its 400th patent, a major milestone, as well as being named a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ for the first time.

Movea’s 400th patent, entitled “System and Method for Counting Change of a Person’s Direction,” has been filed out of the company’s MotionLab research laboratory. This patent uses inertial sensors on mobile devices to determine the indoor itinerary based on the combination of speed and distance calculation with the change of direction and is key for pedestrian navigation.

The new patent marks an important step in Movea’s drive to deliver a wide breadth of motion- and location- based applications and services for mobile devices. Movea’s broad portfolio of patents is organized into clusters which highlight important technological developments in human motion, data fusion, human-machine interfaces (HMI), and contextual computing.

“We’re constantly researching and developing new technologies to add to our IP portfolio,” said Movea CTO, Bruno Flament. “We’ve made a tremendous investment in R&D which has proven very valuable to our customers and partners enabling them to come to market quickly with less risk for their cutting-edge applications. We look forward to growing as a company, expecting to double in size this year, and continue to push the envelope even further in developing advanced data fusion technologies.”

The combination of Movea’s market traction and portfolio of advanced capabilities has caught the attention of leading analyst firm, Gartner who recently named Movea as one of four “Cool Vendors” in its “Cool Vendors in Touch and Gesture Control 2012” report.

“For us, our inclusion in the “Cool Vendor” report by Gartner is a confirmation of our mission to be the most innovative and reliable provider of data fusion capabilities, enabling our customers to easily integrate advanced motion processing technologies into their products,” said Sam Guilaumé, CEO of Movea. “We believe this is a testament to the success of our strategy and our potential to play a leadership role in redefining the industry going forward.”

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