HiWave announces 15+ design wins

HiWave has said that a series of more than 15 design wins for its sound and touch technologies are helping it penetrate the audio market.

Sound Science has launched a small but powerful portable Bluetooth speaker called Qb-Mito that uses a BMR speaker drive unit combined with an Audium amplifier chip. Under its new brand Frankenspiel, the company has also announced two further products, the FS-1 small format stereo cube speakers that connects to a host computer via USB, and uses BMR and Audium amplifier components and the Panettone, a 250W portable speaker system that uses large size BMRs designed by HiWave licensee Cotswold Sound Systems.

German customer Flatsonic has launched its Cinos flat panel speaker system for home theatre which uses balanced exciters to deliver a wide angle room-filling sound. Cello, a UK-based developer of flat panel TVs has launched a sound bar for TVs that uses a pair of BMR drive units. HiWave continues to supply BMR speaker drive units and Audium amplifier chips to Revo, who uses them in its K2 and Axis DAB radio/iPod docks.

HiWave is also making inroads into the industrial and military sectors. Lift manufacturer Schindler has designed exciters into its new communications consoles to deliver clearer information and emergency messaging to building occupants. US company iRobot has created a small, light and throwable situational awareness robot for special operations forces called “FirstLook”, that uses exciters in its sealed structure to deliver communications, where normal speakers could not have been used.

Cotswold Sound System, HiWave’s Hi-Fi specialist licensee continues to evolve its own BMR designs targeted at audiophile applications. Its designs are used extensively by Cambridge Audio in the Minx Home Theatre products, and it has recently achieved design wins in high-end Hi-Fi products from Rega, HiFi Critic, Accolade Audio and Marantz. This demonstrates that HiWave’s patented BMR speaker driver is a technology capable of delivering sound quality that satisfies the most critical audio connoisseur, yet meets the cost targets for consumer audio products.

The first BMR ceiling speaker unit utilising Cotswold-designed drive units has been launched by Australian manufacturer Akoustiks targeting hotels, restaurants, offices and conference centres, where BMR’s ultra-wide dispersion of clear audio is advantageous.  Additionally US customer Lightspeed has introduced an excited panel ceiling speaker into their range of classroom audio products. The education market is a promising one for HiWave with PolyVision’s continued use of balanced exciters in their interactive white boards.

James Lewis, CEO, reports: “We have been making advances with our audio transducer and semiconductor components across market sectors, with numerous opportunities moving through the pipeline, some of which we can now discuss as they reach production quantities and client development confidentialities fall away. Using HiWave’s technology, all of these products deliver extremely high quality sound with the added benefit of very low power consumption.

“HiWave has continued to expand its global reach with the addition of sales representatives and distributors, and is generating an increasing number of sales leads with its recent new product and reference design launches. The company anticipates an increasing number of design wins.”

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