A/V test platform aimed at consumer electronics R&D

Rohde & Schwarz has released a video test centre (VTC) to complement the existing R&S VTS compact video tester and R&S VTE video tester. The comprehensive product family now covers all applications in the consumer electronics value-added chain. The R&S VTC is an entirely modular platform designed for testing video and audio interfaces. It provides real-time protocol and media content analysis and can be modified at any time to meet the requirements of specific test environments. It can also be upgraded to comply with new standards, which is what makes it such a flexible solution.

The platform accommodates up to eight test modules. Separate options are available for the high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) and for the mobile high-definition link (MHL) interface that are commonly used in consumer electronics equipment. An analogue audio/ video interface module and a modulator module for broadcasting standards are being prepared.

In combination with the HDMI options – which are also new – the R&S VTC performs extensive real-time analyses of video and audio parameters as well as info frames. To test sources and sinks, the R&S VTC can perform system protocol tests in line with the latest HDMI compliance test specification 1.4c. For the various interfaces, Rohde & Schwarz provides test software that can be used to automate test routines. The R&S VT-B2361 HDMI RX option also makes it possible to test ultra definition (UD) resolutions, i.e. resolutions up to 4k x 2k as used in high-end screens.

Rohde & Schwarz offers several options for the automatic analysis of media content. These options can be used for MHL and HDMI signals. The R&S VT-K2100 video analysis option measures the timing and level of each video signal component in realtime, making it possible to verify whether color transmission is correct. The R&S VT-K2110 AV inspection and R&S VT-K2111 AV distortion analysis options assist users in performing difference picture analyses. In addition to the graphical result display, objective measured values such as PSNR, SSIM and MOS are also displayed in realtime. Bit errors in video content, for example, can be identified as well. One option even includes a conclusive audio analysis function. The R&S VTC identifies the key parameters such as audio level, frequency response, phase response, S/N ratio, distortion and crosstalk.

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