ITAC brings industrial trackballs and joysticks to Europe

ITAC Systems Inc., a Texas, USA manufacturer of industrial desktop and panel-mount trackballs, joysticks and other rugged human-machine interfaces (HMI), has opened its first European facility, located in Milton Keynes, UK.

Dave Mellor is heading ITAC Systems Limited, offering direct sales to major OEMs and supporting the company’s European distribution network. Mellor is an experienced electro-mechanical components specialist and also a director of electro-mechanical component and power electronics distributor, Cyntech Components.

ITAC produces pointing and control devices for challenging applications that demand exceptional durability, reliability and precision operation. Its main markets include manufacturing, marine, medical, public access kiosks, food processing, military/government, geo spatial and air traffic control. These applications require ruggedness and performance beyond that found in comparable consumer devices.

ITAC products include desktop units with 3- and 6-button functionality in various configurations, and an optically-driven gestural unit which is patented and designed for harsh environments, particularly where vibration resistance is important.  The panel-mount range, aimed at OEM applications, is available in 38mm to 50mm sizes.  These are compact, multifunction input devices that reduce both inventory and system commissioning time.

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