High-density rack system features good all-round access

Schroff, Pentair Technical Products’ UK operating company, has introduced the next generation MAXRACK, a heavy duty, high-density two and four post open frame rack system. Manufactured by group sister company Hoffman, with UK stock and technical support provided by Schroff, the strong and rigid MAXRACK is designed for use in any application where good all-round access, a static load rating in excess of 1100kg and full compatibility with Cisco and other large switches is required.

Typical applications will be in data centres, housing large switches, providing a framework for high density patching and fibre to copper transitions. For use in LAN and WAN, it is ideal for Main and Intermediate Distribution Frames, PDU and UPS support, patching and high density cabling. MAXRACK is supplied pack flat to facilitate delivery to site, it is assembled using a single tool and is self-squaring and self-grounding.

It accepts 19 and 23 inch equipment; it is available in heights of 2.2 and 2.5m (seven and eight foot) and depths of 150, 300, 410 and 512mm (six, 10, 16 and 32 inches). It is Cisco-ready with a Vertical Cable Manager and Baffle Kit to suit the Catalyst 6509/6513, Nexus 7010 and Nexus 7018 switches; the design is fully compatible with the front-to-rear PSU airflow and the right to left flow through the switch itself. The top and top ladder/basket tray support bracket accommodate parallel or perpendicular mounting applications, all Rack Unit positions are marked on the front and rear verticals and the rack can be ganged.

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