Avnet Embedded introduces first module with an integrated SIM card and micro SD card holder

Avnet Embedded has announced availability of a 3G PCie module with an integrated SIM card holder and micro SD card holder and optional WiFi from Option.

Markets such as digital signage have traditionally been challenging and expensive to integrate with embedded connectivity. The Option GTM671 WFS is an all-in-one connectivity solution on a single PCIe Minicard, specifically fit for such connected devices which typically don’t have SIM card holders. This solution makes integration of wireless connectivity into connected devices significantly easier, speeding up time to market and keeping costs at a manageable level, while providing peace of mind in terms of security and a seamless end user experience.

Bernard Schaballie, General Manager Embedded Solutions at Option, says: “Option has a long history of industry firsts. Combining an integrated SIM card and micro SD card holder on a single module is a hugely compelling solution for a wide range of M2M plays where connectivity, storage, security and user experience are of paramount importance.”

Alastair Worth, Marketing Director Wireless, Avnet Embedded, adds: “We are delighted that Option has introduced such a ground breaking product. The combination of new features allows our customers to create devices with unique functionality and to seamlessly 3G enable existing designs without any requirement for redesign.”

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