Energy efficient transformers meet EU legislation on standby power

Transonics has announced availability of the Thai Lin EI30 encapsulated power transformer range which meets the requirements of the forthcoming EU legislation for Energy Related Products (ERP).

From 2013 all small power products for use in the European Union will need to meet these new energy saving regulations which require stand-by power to be 0.5W or lower. The EI30 encapsulated transformer family has a power rating from 1.0-2.8VA, input voltage of 230V +/-15% at 50/60Hz, and outputs from – to 24V, is temperature class B 130ºC, has a dielectric Strength of 4000Vrms, standby power consumption of 0.5W, is  Inherently Short-Circuit Proof, encapsulated under vacuum, is TUV: EN61558 / EN60950 approved and CE Marked.

Daniel French, Managing Director of Transonics, comments: “The new EI30 range of power transformers from Thai Lin offers our customer a future-proof component for new designs and reflects our commitment to providing our customers with the most up to date components on the market.”

All products which use sources of energy; televisions, set top boxes, external power supplies, computers, fans, lighting, etc. will be subject to the EU energy efficiency requirements (EUP).  With the adoption of a framework directive 2005/32/EC in 2005, repealed in 2009 by directive 2009/125, the European Union regulator laid the groundwork for specific “implementing measures” affecting a broad range of energy using and energy related products (EUP/ERP).  The goal is to minimise the use of energy at the design stage and throughout production, transport, packaging, etc.  Products in compliance with these new measures will be recognised by the CE mark.  The CE marking will cover relevant product safety as well as energy efficiency requirements if applicable. The scope of the framework is very broad and covers any energy related products.

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