Neul launches world’s first city-wide white space network

Neul has deployed the world’s first city-wide, fully-functional wireless network in white space in Cambridge, UK. To demonstrate this network Neul, in collaboration with Bglobal Metering, showcased the world’s first-ever smart electricity meter reading over a white space network. The companies hope this is the first step towards smart electricity grids that will allow electricity supply to be more efficiently matched to real-time demand.

White space is the unused and underused parts of the wireless spectrum. For example, around the world many TV channels are left vacant in most locations. Neul’s technology opens up these channels and will also allow underused frequencies within other UHF licensed and unlicensed bands to be used efficiently for wireless communication.

eul’s network builds upon the successful completion of the first phase of the Cambridge White Space Consortium’s network. The Consortium’s phase one network used Neul’s equipment and cloud interface, together with the Weightless communications standard, to prove that its white space network co-exists perfectly with televisions and wireless microphones without causing interference or disruption. Neul’s network will now build upon that foundation for commercial trials later this year with full roll out anticipated in 2013.

Neul’s network comprises five base stations in Cambridge plus one in a rural community south of the city, plus a cloud-hosted network Operational & Management Centre (OMC) that efficiently and securely manages communications. There is also support for multiple geo-location databases that ensure wireless microphones, TV transmission and reception is not disrupted.

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