Extended temperature photocouplers meet reinforced insulation requirements in smaller size

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched two new high-speed logic IC photocouplers that comply with the reinforced insulation class of international safety standards, are half the size of equivalent DIP8 devices, and that offer guaranteed operation at temperatures from -40°C to 125°C.

The TLP2766 and TLP2768 are supplied in miniature SDIP6 packages measuring just 9.7mm x 4.58mm x 3.65mm yet have a minimum isolation voltage of 5000Vrms. Both will operate with supply voltages of between 2.7V and 5.5V. This makes them compatible with a wide range of existing industrial applications as well as ensuring they meet the needs of new and emerging low-voltage designs.

Toshiba’s new couplers are designed for high-speed data transmission and offer typical data rates of 20Mbps. As a result they are ideal for use in high-speed communication interfaces in factory automation systems, measurement and control equipment and digital home appliances. Inverter logic totem pole outputs enable both sink and source drive implementations.

Each of the new devices is based around a high-speed photodetector that is optically coupled to a GaAlAs LED. Maximum respective threshold input current and supply current are 3.5mA and 3mA for the TLP2766 and 5.0mA and 4mA in the case of the TLP2768. Both devices incorporate an internal Faraday shield to provide a guaranteed common-mode transient immunity of 20kV/µs.

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