Powerstax launches 500W high voltage brick at NEW 2012

Powerstax launched its latest power converter at the National Electronics Week show in Birmingham, UK. The F501-385 500W output full brick high voltage DC-DC converter complements the Powerstax line- up of patented power converters allowing customers to configure compact, high power density, base plate cooled AC-DC power systems suitable for rugged environments.

The new Powerstax F501-385 DC-DC converter operates over the input range 355-400VDC and provides 24, 28, 48, 56VDC output and 500W power. By combining a number of F501-385 bricks in series significantly higher output voltages can be produced and if up to twenty F501-385 bricks are paralleled a 10kW system can be produced.

With a power density of 5.53W/cm3, typical efficiency of 90%, active load sharing, remote on/off, base plate cooling, low start-up temperature of -40ºC and a 2 year warranty, the Powerstax F501-385 offers users reduced energy costs and excellent reliability.

The Powerstax F501-385 provides system designers with a comprehensive list of in-built protection functions such as over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection and short-circuit protection are complemented by unique features such as a thermal monitoring signal to provide early warning of potential system faults.

It is designed to operate as an integral part of a complete distributed power system, with or without hold-up. Typical applications for the F501-385 include military and commercial based wireless systems, radar and communication systems, telecom infrastructure and security systems.

Rob Hill, Director of Sales for EMEA at Powerstax, comments: “We are very pleased to be supporting a major electronics exhibition in the UK and have chosen to use it as the venue to make a significant new product introduction. Our sales in Europe continue to grow as customers become more aware of the benefits of our rugged, reliable power conversion products and the engineering excellence we put at their disposal.”

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