Bluetooth speaker design delivers 2 x13W burst audio and over 30 hours playback

HiWave Technologies has designed a stereo Bluetooth wireless speaker reference design that provides 2 x13W burst power and runs for 30 hours (around 45 albums) from its small, 2200mAh Li-ion battery. Speakers based on the design enable users to stream audio from Bluetooth enabled phones, tablets and laptops.

At typical listening levels the system, called Dyad BA3, consumes an average of less than 300mW, yet also accurately reproduces the audio peaks.

The system combines HiWave’s proprietary wide range loudspeaker technology, BMR, with HiAS2002 ultra efficient amplifier chip and CSR’s BC05-MM Bluetooth module. OEMs adopting the design would be able to deliver wireless, Hi-Fi quality loudspeaker products to the market in less than 3 months.

James Lewis, CEO of HiWave said, “Bluetooth is an ideal technology for wireless speakers, especially as we shift to storing music in the cloud. It has both lossless and ultra low power consumption variants, giving both quality and long battery life, and has been designed into almost every phone and laptop over the decade.”

The Dyad BA3 is the third design in HiWave’s series of reference platforms based on its BMR speaker drivers and ultra efficient wireless amplifier ICs.

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