Upton hand delivers element14’s first batch of Raspberry Pi boards

Raspberry Pi boards have arrived at element14. To celebrate this, Raspberry Pi’s founder Eben Upton held a one-to-one masterclass with a group of students to showcase how the credit card sized computer works. The company has started sending out the computers to the first UK-based customers.

Eben Upton, co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, commented: “This is a really exciting time as we get ready to start to send out the first batch of Raspberry Pis. I am really pleased today to have taken these youngsters through how simple it is to use the Raspberry Pi and I can only hope that they will get hooked on it and become the programmers of tomorrow. With all the advice and support available on the element14 Community they should not be shy of trying new things, making mistakes and looking for help.”

Chris Haworth, President of CPC, a Premier Farnell company, which provided the equipment for today’s masterclass said: “The amount of interest and buzz the Raspberry Pi has generated all over the world is immense. We are delighted that the first batch has arrived today and delivered to us by none other than Eben himself. The most important thing now is to get the Raspberry Pi out to customers and we have started doing that this afternoon.”

Eben talked through the simple set up procedure, running the boot up script, use the script editor and begin to create applications using the Python scripts that are pre-supplied with the software download. All the youngsters who attended the exclusive event were given a Raspberry Pi by Eben Upton and CPC provided a pack of a screen, cables and connections needed to get up and running as soon as they get home.

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