Rugged, 2-wire Hall effect sensors meet automotive demands

Melexis has announced two automotive Hall effect sensors, the MLX92221 and MLX92241, which are designed to deliver the high levels of performance and robustness needed for the stringent requirements of seat positioning systems, seat adjusters, seatbelt buckle switches, wipers and motor commutation systems.

These devices are equipped with an EEPROM memory, allowing the setting of parameters for magnetic switch points, output polarity, IOFF current and magnet material temperature compensation coefficient. The customer’s ability to specify tailored characteristics will enable improvements to their sensor module yields, bill-of-materials (BOM) costs and performance capabilities.

With a wide programmable magnetic range, the MLX92221 and MLX92241 both feature Hall Effect sensing elements operating from 2.7 V to 24 V voltage levels, allowing automotive, consumer and industrial applications to all be addressed. These devices integrate protection mechanisms to guard against electro-static discharge (ESD), reverse supply voltage and thermal overload. The reverse supply voltage protection protects the devices against incorrect connection of the supply line, up to -24 V.

The devices’ core magnetic sensor circuit has been re-engineered with a special focus on the offset cancellation system, allowing faster and more accurate processing while not being effected by temperature. A programmable negative temperature coefficient is implemented to compensate for the natural behaviour of permanent magnets to become weaker at elevated temperatures.

The MLX92221 and MLX92241 are delivered in RoHS compliant single-in-line (SIL) packages for through-hole mounting, or in a 3-pin thin SOT (TSOT) packages for surface mounting.

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