Adeunis-RF and Avnet Memec introduce an NFC reader-writer smart module

Avnet Memec has partnered with Adeunis-RF to launch a new range of compact, reliable, modular and affordable Near Field Communications (NFC) solutions to address the growing need for eCommerce applications. The new NFC Reader-Writer module will streamline the design and development of devices dedicated to contactless payment, ticketing, couponing and access control.

Operating as an NFC gateway, the module provides a secure carrier field through ID and protocol recognition. The modular concept allows for multiple designs with the module mounted inside or outside the antenna. Based on a dedicated Renesas MCU, the Adeunis-RF module operates at 13.56MHz.  The Reader-Writer module incorporates Type A, B, F and RFID modes at rates ranging from 1.65 to 26.48 kbits/s (RFID) and 106 to 847 kbits/s (type A, B, F tags).

“In the booming market of contactless devices, designers who need to integrate NFC functionalities into their application often need quick market access. By providing a robust, reliable, multi-format modular solution we are able to reduce their time to market as well as their cost of design,” said Hervé Vincent, CEO of Adeunis-RF. “Our partnership with Avnet Memec enables us to combine technical support with commercial coverage for customers across Europe.”

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