Priority change relay from Finder ensures even wear of alternating loads

For installations needing duplicate equipment sets, for reasons of operational security or to meet peak loading demands, Finder has introduced a flexible multi-function priority change relay, providing convenient control of main and secondary systems.  Suiting for example, pumping or refrigeration applications, the 72.42 relay has been designed to alternate the duty of two sets of equipment to ensure even wear over time.

The relay can be configured to alternate the output duty either on successive applications of the supply voltage or via an independent input control signal.  The 72.42 relay also provides a second input enabling both outputs to be forced on in response to a peak demand or an alarm signal.

To minimise any switch-on current surge, the 72.42 relay incorporates an adjustable output delay timer, supporting for example the staggering of pump motor starts.  In addition, where maintenance of either equipment set is needed, the relay will ensure that only the healthy equipment set is made available.

Available in 24V and 110V to 240V AC/DC versions, the 72.42 relay supports a wide supply range and with two independent NO output contacts rated at 12A, 250VAC, is capable of directly switching single phase motor loads up to 0.55kW.  Output status is shown by dual LED indication.

Finder’s priority change relay is provided in a 35mm wide housing and is designed for 35mm rail mounting (EN60715).  The relay terminals are screw type and the unit’s protection category is IP20.

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