Expo Ferroviaria: Most versatile multipin connectors for mass transit

At Expo Ferroviaria in Turin, Italy today, ITT Interconnect Solutions showed its Veam CIR series which it says is the most versatile electrical, optical and pneumatic multi-pin connector series available today. Designed originally for the hostile environment of mass transit applications, CIR series connectors are also suitable for use in military, commercial, medical, geophysical, entertainment, nuclear and aerospace applications.

The design parameters of the CIR series connectors are based on VG95234, with one third turn positive lock and quick disconnect coupling which surpasses the environmental requirements of this military specification and features an audible, visual, and tactile indication of full coupling. The CIR connector design has been adopted by NATO as well as many different railway programmes worldwide, thanks to the wide range of accessories and options developed over more than 50 years of CIR use in the mass transportation sector.

Highly shock and vibration resistant, CIR series connectors don’t require any lock wires or coupling threads which gall or bind due to wear or contamination. Designed for 2000 coupling cycles, the devices are waterproof to 10 meters (33 ft., 14.7 PSI) for up to 12 hours.

Among most popular CIR connector series, coaxial and fibreoptic styles are available with single or multiple fibre termini. Devices can include a range of insert/grommet materials to provide superior resistance to fuel oils, solvents and elevated temperatures; alternatively they can be supplied with glass to metal hermetic seals in lieu of elastomeric inserts. Other configurations include high voltage, twin- or tri-axial – size 4 or 8 contacts and RFI/EMI – grounding fingers on plug connectors provide superior plug-to-receptacle (360º) shield integrity.

CIR connectors have also been designed for pneumatic operation. Various insert arrangements with size 4, 8 or 12 cavities accept pneumatic contacts to pass liquid or air at pressures of up to 110 PSI. Flow valves are also available. Finally, CIR connectors are available with various thermocouple material contacts including; chromel, alumel, copper, constantan and iron.

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