Premier Farnell takes Rohm franchise global

Premier Farnell has announced that it has extended its franchise with ROHM Semiconductor, the manufacturer of semiconductors, passives and opto electronics, to cover Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Farnell and Rohm had an existing agreement covering Europe only.

“This agreement reflects our core business strategy which focuses on supporting our global base of electronic design engineers and enhancing our product offering to our customers around the world,” said Marianne Culver, Global Head of Product Marketing and Supply Chain at Premier Farnell. “We are excited by the opportunity this agreement brings us and look forward to work even more closely with ROHM Semiconductor via our global scope that recognises the individual needs of our customers in local markets.”

“With this worldwide agreement, ROHM will have a global coverage with Premier Farnell which will give more traction to our products in the multi-channel distribution. Our customers will get full benefit of Premier Farnell’s eCommerce services” said Christian Andre, President of ROHM Semiconductor Europe.

ROHM Semiconductor offers Integrated Circuits for video, audio, industrial, lighting, consumer, and meeting applications. The company also has solutions for the Automotive, Energy, Telecom, Computers & Peripherals and Consumer Electronics sectors, which will now enable Premier Farnell to offer a broad selection of products to its worldwide customer base.

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