Reflowable MOST25 and MOST150 fibre optic transceivers shown at MOST Forum 2012

Avago showed its MOST25 reflow transceivers and samples of its new MOST150 reflow transceivers at the MOST Forum 2012 conference in Esslingen, Germany. The MOST25 reflow transceivers are now in mass-production, while the MOST150 reflow transceivers are currently under development.

While existing MOST25 transmitters and receivers are designed for conventional wave soldering, Avago offers the upgraded version for reflow pin-in-paste soldering. Avago is currently developing reflow-capable MOST150 transceivers by applying the technical improvements in material technology and packaging from its MOST25reflow transceivers. This new capability will help to reduce the manufacturing costs of MOST150 systems. The release date is planned for late summer 2012.

“The reflow versions of our MOST transceivers simplify the manufacturing process for our customers, providing them with significant cost savings,” said Martin Weigert, General Manager of the Industrial and Automotive Fiber Products Division at Avago. “We expect this reflow capability will add to the momentum we are seeing from our MOST transceivers with key customers in the recent months.”

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