Partners to offer real-time lab-free DNA detection technology

DNA Electronics, a developer of semiconductor solutions for real-time DNA and RNA detection, has licensed its Genalysis technology platform for rapid, lab-free DNA detection to geneOnyx, a company that is delivering on-the-spot genetic analytics services for cosmetics and skincare applications.

Following a successful evaluation of the DNA Electronics’ USB-based Genalysis lab-free platform, the two companies are announcing a commercial license and supply agreement that grants geneOnyx access to DNA Electronics’ real-time Genalysis platform for cosmetic applications. According to the companies, this agreement will deliver the world’s first commercial application of a true sample-to-answer, easy-to-use and low-cost DNA testing platform – bringing on-site, over-the-counter services to the retail industry for the first time.

DNA Electronics’ Genalysis is a real-time platform for nucleic acid testing, delivering accurate, point-of-need results within 30 minutes using just a simple sample processing kit and interchangeable test cartridges plugged into a USB stick or other electronic reader. The Genalysis platform enables truly user-friendly, rapid, lab-free and pipette-free DNA analysis products for a variety of medical and consumer applications. While this licensing and supply agreement launches DNA Electronics in its first non-IVD market for test panels selected by geneOnyx, pilot trials for clinical diagnostics using Genalysis will also begin later this year. DNA Electronics – a privately-held company – was founded by Professor Chris Toumazou, based on his 2001 invention of detecting protons released during DNA synthesis using a standard silicon-chip based transistor – culminating in the world’s first DNA analysis on unmodified CMOS technology. DNA Electronics already has worldwide non-exclusive licensing agreements with Roche’s 454 Life Sciences and Ion Torrent (Life Technologies Inc.) for the field of semiconductor sequencing, enabling these global leaders to access certain parts of the DNA Electronics proprietary technology portfolio.

Through this latest agreement, DNA Electronics will supply to geneOnyx its proprietary sample-to-answer DNA testing technology Genalysis for the consumer cosmetics and skincare market. geneOnyx will provide an individually-tailored recommendation service for selecting optimal skincare and cosmetic products for individuals based on a scientific analysis of the person’s genetic variations and how well a person’s body will react to active product ingredients. geneOnyx’s recommendations service leverages the unique ability of the Genalysis platform to provide on-the-spot results and connectivity to geneOnyx’s cloud-based system without needing to send a sample to a laboratory for analysis.

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