Rohde & Schwarz adds WLAN signalling functions to its multistandard test platforms

Rohde & Schwarz now offers manufacturers of mobile devices and consumer electronics two universal test platforms: the R&S CMW500 and the R&S CMW270. The R&S CMW500 covers all common cellular and non-cellular standards, while the R&S CMW270 has been customised for non-cellular standards. New options now provide additional WLAN signalling functions. 

Manufacturers of WLAN components for smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops can use the R&S CMW500 and the R&S CMW270 during development to test the functionality and performance of their products and to conduct transmitter and receiver tests. Thanks to configurable test parameters, developers consistently obtain comparable and reproducible results that create the basis for objective analysis. Signalling mode measurements are now considerably easier: The testers exchange protocol information with the DUT to control the DUT’s settings, eliminating the need for the separate control software previously required for some chipsets.

The signalling mode provided by the new options allows developers to test the transmitter of WLAN user equipment as well as the quality of a receiver under realistic operating conditions. The testers measure the data throughput of WLAN components precisely and reproducibly – in both receive and transmit mode. The protocol stack can also be analysed to optimise the message flow between access point and user equipment.

The WLAN function is further proof of the versatility of these unique, expandable Rohde & Schwarz test platforms. The new options are perfect for manufacturers of mobile user equipment who already use an R&S CMW500 in development. The versatile R&S CMW test platforms can be used as stand-alone instruments for transmitter and receiver measurements or as part of a complex type test system.

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