Avnet Memec announces pan-European distribution agreement with Adeunis RF

Avnet Memec has announced a pan-European distribution agreement with Adeunis RF, specialists in design, manufacture and marketing of wireless transmission systems. The agreement enables the specialised semiconductor distributor to offer modules for Near Field Communications (NFC), an important new set of technologies for the rapidly growing RFID and contactless payment markets. It further expands Avnet Memec’s offering for unlicensed Industrial, Scientific and Medical band designs.

“Appointing Avnet Memec as our distributor throughout Europe reflects a key element of our long-term industrial strategy,” explained Hervé Vincent, Adeunis RF’s president and managing director. “With their emphasis on strong technical support and focused technologies, Avnet is the spearhead of our goals to gain a commercial presence in strategic countries and diverse vertical markets.”

The company offers great technological and commercial potential, according to Steve Haynes, president of Avnet Memec. “Adeunis RF’s modules will complement a strong existing portfolio by offering a full range of ISM bands based modules for wireless M-bus, KNX and proprietary protocols. Being able to provide module level solutions that match key technologies already available at chip level will allow our customers to go to market quicker – we can help them make technologies like NFC competitive at lower volumes while keeping the possibility to seamlessly migrate to a chip level solution when the conditions are right. “

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