Heliatek opens Dresden production facility for organic solar films

Heliatek has inaugurated its first production facility for the manufacture of flexible organic solar panels in Dresden, Germany. The ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich. Based on organic semiconductor materials, these flexible solar panels offer greater freedom of use than conventional photovoltaic products. The company has invested €14 million in the construction of this first production line and has created over 75 new jobs in recent years.

Pictured at Heliatek’s opening ceremony are (Left to right) Prime Minister Tillich, Heliatek’s CEO Thibaud Le Séguillon and Heliatek’s CTO Dr Martin Pfeiffer.

Heliatek developed the world’s first manufacturing line producing organic solar panels in a roll-to-roll process using vacuum deposition at low temperatures – a process that holds excellent potential for significantly reducing costs in mass production. While other organic manufacturers rely on printing processes, Heliatek is the only company in the world that specialises in solar panel manufacture using vacuum deposition of small molecules (oligomers) on flexible film. The advantages lie in better process control, higher efficiency, and longer life span.

“We can only overcome the challenges of our time – such as raw material shortages, energy transition, and climate change – with innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology. Heliatek, its partners, and its employees recognized the signs early and are already producing the technology of tomorrow with organic photovoltaics today. Dresden has offered Heliatek the best conditions possible, including a highly efficient research and development network, as well as local production and value creation. I’m pleased that the latest quality products made in Saxony are ready to change the world”, said guest of honour Prime Minister Tillich to the three hundred guests from the business community, investors and project partners, as well as customers and company staff.

Thibaud Le Séguillon, CEO of Heliatek GmbH, added: “After a construction period of less than six months of this proof-of-concept production line, we have achieved an important milestone on our way to the commercialization of organic solar films based on small molecules. Now comes process integration. Heliatek will roll out its organic solar film for “Energy-2-Go” applications in the fall of 2012. Key product features will allow us to take truly green solar power everywhere it’s needed. At the next step, the first volume market will be BIPV. To support this strategy, we plan to close another round of financing this year, during which we should raise €50 million from current and new investors for an additional production line.”

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