Crisp action, long life tactile switch launched by Omron

Omron has announced a new IP67 sealed tactile switch offering long term reliability and a crisp clicking switch action. Sealed to IP67 (IEC60529), the Omron B3SL provides enhanced resistance to dust penetration, helping ensure that its rated life of 100,000 operating cycles can be achieved even in harsh operating conditions. The vertically operated switch, which features a high operating force of 1.96N, is noted for its precise, crisp clicking action. The B3SL features a medium stroke which is achieved by using a rubber plunger, and has a pre-travel of 0.3mm.

Andries de Bruin, Omron European Product Marketing Manager, Switches, said, “The B3SL takes the comprehensive Omron tactile switches range into medical and process control applications including keyboards with a membrane overlay or standalone keypads. The IP67 sealed versions are protected against contamination of the switching contacts in dusty environments and allow immersive cleaning of the PCB.”

Featuring a compact design with dimensions of just 6.2mm (l) x 6.5mm (w) x 3.4mm (h) the B3SL is rated for switching currents of 1mA at 5VDC to a maximum of 50mA at 12VDC with a resistive load and features an insulation resistance of 100Mohms at 100VDC and a contact resistance of 100mohms. The B3SL switch has a maximum bounce time of 5ms and supports an ambient operating temperature range of -25°C to +90°C.

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