European seminars focus on energy management solutions

Avnet Memec is running a series of seminars across Europe focused on energy management solutions from Maxim and Energy Micro.  Highlights include demonstrations of the evaluation platform built by Avnet Memec based on Energy Micro’s 32-bit Cortex-M3 EFM32 Gecko microcontroller and the energy harvesting charger and protector from Maxim. There will also be live demonstrations of LED lighting, power line communication and energy metering, along with presentations on Maxim’s energy saving ADC/DAC and battery management solutions, which aim to give designers a better awareness of ways to reduce power consumption in their applications.

Seminars will be held in Graz (27th March 2012), Ljubljana (29th March), Milan (17th April), Bologna (18th April), Katowice (24th April), Warsaw (25th April), Zurich (8th May) and Lausanne (9th May). Designers attending the seminar will also have the opportunity to see a full demonstration platform for a smart meter application. Called Newport, this platform from Maxim combines an energy metering SoC with a secure co-processor, real time clock and G3-PLC.

Seminar places are limited and further details including registration are available at:

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