Docea releases thermal modelling software for 3D devices

The latest release of Docea Power’s AceThermalModeler (ATM) software for generating compact thermal models of SoCs, SiPs, 3D ICs and complete boards, is set to bridge the gap between thermal experts and system architects. With ATM, thermal experts can give system architects a solution that generates RC compact thermal models for 3D devices that are fast to create and simulate. The system architecture team can then work autonomously to estimate various corner use cases, floorplans, architecture options for multi-core designs, operating points or power management policies impact on temperature across the system.

Ghislain Kaiser, CEO, Docea Power commented: “We anticipated very early that temperature will become a challenge for next generation devices. Because of this, we developed a simulator that closes the loop between power and temperature for the first versions of Aceplorer, our solution for Electronic System Level power modelling and optimisation. Now, we complete the flow with ATM, a tool that is easy to use and generates thermal models. With it, system architects can perform both thermal steady state or coupled power and thermal analysis for dynamic application profiles running on different architecture configurations.”

ATM will be demonstrated at the Design, Automation & Test (DATE) conference in Dresden, Germany, March 12 to 16, 2012.

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