Certgate to expand encryption and NFC capabilities to smartphones and tablets

The latest release of Certgate’s patented mobile smartcard technology enhances security applications and tools with NFC capabilities on a broad range of mobile devices. Providing the capability to use strong cryptographic functions on a mobile device equipped with an NFC antenna, Certgate now enables a much broader range of time and cost saving uses for smartphones or tablets. Examples of possible uses for Certgate’s patented technology include protection for mobile smartcard payment solutions, hardware-based voice encryption, and physical access control with the help of a crypto chip combined with user authentication via PIN code.

Secured by Certgate technology, NFC enabled smartphones or tablets can contain the same security information as conventional credit or debit cards. Certificate based logon credentials for a workstation or network, public transport ticketing, or employee identification can also be included, granting the required digital authentication after the correct PIN code is entered.

The range of mobile devices supporting Certgate technology includes the Android, BlackBerry, and Windows operating systems. New platforms supporting the comfort and security of microSD memory cards as host systems are being added on an ongoing basis. Certgate’s security applications make use of this format with an additionally integrated, next generation on-card smartcard processor operating driverless—that is, without any change to the smartphone’s SD bus driver software. PKI support, certificate based workstation logon, and voice encryption are only a few of these powerful solutions implemented by partners, that run on smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.

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