Polar offers free license for PCB Insertion-loss testing to enable early adoption

PCB fabricators can now benefit from early adoption of insertion-loss testing for new high-speed differential signalling techniques. Polar’s Start SET2DIL program will provide 10 no-charge 2012 licences for the new Atlas Si PCB insertion-loss test system which allows PCB fabricators to support customers with insertion-loss testing for high-speed differential signalling techniques.


“Many PCB fabricators have expressed concern that the industry has not firmed up on a single preferred method for insertion-loss testing and are therefore cautious about making the investment which will allow them to offer this service to their customers,” explains Neil Chamberlain, Signal Integrity Product Manager at Polar. “By easing the adoption of the Atlas Si insertion-loss test system, Polar is helping fabricators to take those first steps, backed by local authorised Polar support offices and, for many customers, by capitalising on the investment that they have already made in 35ps TDR meters.”

The Polar Atlas Si insertion-loss test system is used in conjunction with 35ps TDR equipment to measure insertion loss with the IPC 650 SET2DIL test methodology. The adoption of a suitable insertion-loss testing methodology is one of the key challenges facing the PCB fabrication industry.

The availability of no-charge licenses for early adopters allows users to familiarise themselves with these techniques whilst minimising investment in TDR meters and high-frequency probes. In addition to 10 no-charge licences, Polar can supply Atlas Si customers with IPC-compliant SET2DIL probes from stock. This will allow customers to overcome the problem of the extended lead-times for specialised insertion-loss test probes which significantly limit the fabrication industry’s ability to meet the time-scales for prototype and start-up production.

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