EAGLE PCB design tool now has one-click integration with prototyping

CadSoft has strengthened its partnership with Eurocircuits by allowing designers to access Eurocircuits’ PCB prototyping service with one click from its EAGLE PCB design GUI. Eurocircuits are now a pan-European reseller for the EAGLE PCB design solution. This development builds on the existing collaboration with Eurocircuits announced in October last year, that brought together PCB solutions that span the design and layout, component integration and prototyping phases of the embedded design flow. 

Thomas Liratsch, General Manager CadSoft Computer GmbH, commented: “After the successful launch of our partnership with Eurocircuits we have delivered a quick, easy and direct connection between board layout and the Eurocircuits PCB prototyping service.  In parallel we are exploiting the commercial synergies between our two companies, synergies that directly deliver benefit for our mutual customers across Europe.”

Dirk Stans, founder and sales and marketing director of Eurocircuits added: “As a PCB manufacturer we would like to offer our customers a solution that ensures that not only their boards can be produced at a high level, but also designed with reliable, professional software. EAGLE is one of the market leading PCB design software solutions in its range, so it has not only convinced me, but also tens of thousands of users all around the world.”

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