Maxim invests in Scintera’s analogue pre-distortion technology

Maxim announced at Mobile World Congress that it has made a strategic investment in Scintera Networks, a provider of adaptive signal processing solutions for wireless communications. According to Maxim, the partnership will enable rapid deployment of power-efficient small cell base stations with form factors and system cost points attractive to cellular infrastructure OEMs and network operators.

“Maxim’s state-of-the art, high-performance RF transceiver solutions, coupled with Scintera’s novel analogue pre-distortion technology, will offer superior small cell RF solutions and validated reference designs that reduce our customers’ design time and complexity,” said Matt Murphy, Senior Vice President of Maxim’s Communications and Power Solutions Group. “The cellular industry has signalled a critical need for smaller, power-efficient base stations. Maxim is fully committed to providing our customers with innovative RF solutions and solving the coverage and capacity challenges the industry is facing today.”

“We are excited about the opportunity to expand share in the base station market by working with a leader in high-performance RF transceiver solutions,” said Davin Lee, chief executive officer of Scintera. “Scintera’s solution is ideally suited for small cells as evidenced by our design wins over the past six months and working closely with Maxim will further accelerate this trend.”

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