Solid State Supplies to spotlight motor control at UK-wide seminar series

Solid State Supplies has announced a series of four one-day seminars to be held across the UK in collaboration with Microsemi and Allegro Microsystems, two leading suppliers of mixed signal semiconductors for motor control applications.  The first seminar will take place on Wednesday 7th March 2012 in Redditch, Worcestershire.

The seminars are designed to provide electronics engineers with a technical overview of products in the motor control sector, supported by hands-on workshop sessions to introduce the SmartFusion FPGA customisable SoC family and motor control design resources developed by the Microsemi SoC Products Group.

The workshops will take a detailed look at the Microsemi SmartFusion variants designed for: field oriented control for PMSM motors; low voltage BLDC and stepper motors; and miniature brushless DC and stepper motors.  There will be a training session on the supporting software tools that enable the development of fully integrated SmartFusion FPGA designs and other Microsemi FPGAs, and a trial of the Microsemi Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE), a tool that supports the complete hardware design flow from design creation through synthesis, simulation, layout, timing constraint generation, timing and power analysis, device programming and hardware design debug.

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