Plextek delivers advanced FPGA-based signal processing platform to Kelvin Hughes

UK design house Plextek has worked with Kelvin Hughes, a world leader in the design and supply of marine navigation systems, to develop an advanced FPGA based signal processing platform. The advanced signal processing platform utilises Xilinx Virtex 5 devices supported by high speed memory systems. The powerful system is capable of over 30Gbps sustained I/O and 2GBytes per second sustained memory access. The platform’s 14cm x 10cm module supports SFP for fibre as well as copper interfaces and the project was completed within 8 months, ensuring delivery of the first production unit to the client in time and on budget.

“Plextek’s expertise and professionalism made them an obvious choice for this project,” said Barry Wade, Surveillance Systems Director, Kelvin Hughes. “We are very impressed with their capabilities in both FPGA systems development and advanced PCB design.”

“Kelvin Hughes is one of the biggest names in the marine navigation market and their customers expect the best,” said Phil Duff, Senior Project Consultant, Plextek. “We were able to respond to their needs quickly and delivered an advanced signal processing platform within just eight months, ensuring the overall project was kept on track. Plextek engineers have worked on some of the world’s leading radar designs for some of the largest defence contractors and have experience in land, sea and airborne systems. This expertise is available to manufacturers who need specialised skills in the areas of RF design, signal processing and full system architecture definition.”

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