Cyntech announces custom battery pack services

Cyntech Components has introduced a custom battery pack design, development and manufacturing service. The company will work with its customers to develop custom packs using a variety of primary and rechargeable battery technologies. Primary battery technologies include lithium, lithium-iron disulphide and lithium-thionyl chloride. For rechargeable battery packs, lithium-ion, lithium-polymer and nickel-metal hydride technologies are employed. Combinations of cylindrical, coin, and flat cells enable Cyntech to offer an unlimited choice of battery pack format for industrial and consumer electronics applications, including custom cable harnesses and connectors.

Cyntech’s manufacturing partner is Hong-Kong based Mike Energy.

Commenting on the new service, Cyntech’s managing director, Dave Mellor, said, “Mike Energy has over 380,000 square metres of manufacturing plant and has been supplying global OEMs with batteries since 1994, so they are a proven source of high quality, high reliability products. Marrying this capability with Cyntech’s expert local technical support and design services will give UK customers access to the most advanced battery technologies available today, in a format that is designed specifically for their applications.”

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