Audio SoC requires only 3 external circuits for MP3 player

Tampere, Finland-based VLSI Solution has launched its VS1005 SoC, a highly integrated all-in-one chip for audio processing applications. The VS1005 System-on-a-Chip contains an extensive set of peripheral interfaces. Included are controllers for Hi-speed USB host/slave, SD card, parallel NAND flash, SPI, Ethernet, S/PDIF, I2S master/slave and UART. VS1005 also contains 24-bit ADC’s and DAC’s, headphone and microphone amplifiers, linear regulators, a real-time clock, and an FM tuner with RDS. Controlled by a DSP, all these features allow for flexibility in creating Hi-Fi stereo audio products.

The features of VS1005 are particularly suited to portable audio devices, docking stations, and portable recorder applications. To build a state-of-the-art personal music player or recorder just three additional circuits in addition to the VS1005 SoC are needed (a NAND flash, an axis accelerometer, and a power management device).

The VS1005 SoC takes a new approach in application development when compared to VLSI’s earlier products. The multitasking operating system VSOS and the object code library MegaLib offer services that can be used with VLSI Solution’s Integrated Development Environment VSIDE. This combination makes writing applications to VS1005’s 256 KiB RAM memory a straightforward and intuitive process. To further extend VS1005’s usability, code can be loaded dynamically from any non-volatile memory, including VS1005’s optional internal 1024 KiB flash memory. The internal flash memory can be protected, making it possible for developers and third parties to protect their code.

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