Modular sounders and beacons take signalling devices to a whole new level

Distributed by Switchtec, Sirena’s M-Line range of beacons and sounders truly represents the state of the art in signalling.  Based on a simple yet effective concept of three modular domes and five modular bases, the M-Line range is able to provide a custom fit for any signalling application.


The M-Line range comprises three model types: SIR-E (sounder), SIR-E LED (beacon/sounder), and FLR (beacon). The high optical performances of the beacons, together with the strong sound output of the sounders makes M-Line a high-end range for the most demanding applications.  After a series of rigorous tests, M-Line has been granted IP65 status, no mean feat for a sounder which has to have holes to allow the sound to propagate.

The range’s modular concept allows each of the three domes to be mounted on any of the five bases, drastically reducing on the number of parts stocked. M-Line’s three multi-functional domes are based on a multi-level technology allowing each function of the device to be controlled independently, creating different levels of alarm, delivering ‘intelligent’ solutions to the most demanding applications.

The FLR beacons feature a high level of optical performance, allowing three separate lighting effects – steady, rotating and flashing. ‘Steady’ is a deep and rich light source ideal for attracting attention yet without a great amount of disturbance.   ‘Rotating’ is a unique effect that perfectly simulates traditional rotating beacons yet without moving parts hence enormously enhancing the product lifetime.  ‘Flashing’ is a triple-flash strobe effect ideal for all applications where an immediate attention gain is mandatory.

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